Aurora Namnum

Aurora Namnum

Why do I work at Altanova?

My answer can be summarized in two words – passion and impact.
I have always wanted to play a role in making the world a better place, it was just a matter of figuring out how. Over time, I discovered that my passion lies in the intersection of real estate, sustainability, and wellbeing, and this niche led me to Altanova. With it came a community of colleagues that share my passion for sustainability, but approach it in a multitude of ways. Altanova’s three groups allow us to bring together our unique experience and perspectives on all projects. We don’t try to fit our client’s requests in a box or provide a bolt-on solution, but instead understand our clients’ needs and adapt as needed. This holistic approach empowers us to really make a difference, and being able to see the impact of my work is extremely rewarding.

What do I do at Altanova?

I lead our real estate group, which considers all aspects of the triple bottom line – environmental, economic, and human impact. Rather than only looking at environmental sustainability (carbon, energy, etc.), we will always consider the financial impact and the building occupants’ health, wellbeing, and satisfaction. We understand and work during all parts of a building’s lifecycle; for new construction we inform the design and construction process, for existing buildings we address compliance and retrofits. We partner with commercial real estate, landlords, and developers across five continents, allowing us to learn and apply best practices from all over the world.

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