Net-Zero Plan for Large Data Centers In Spain

Net-Zero Plan for Large Data Centers In Spain

Altanova was responsible for developing a path to provide clean energy, clean transportation, and resiliency for three large data centers (136 MW) in Spain. The project is currently under construction.


Altanova started by analyzing the different constraints and revenues for the project: procuring 100% renewable energy, supporting the Electric Vehicle charging stations, operating a battery storage system to provide energy arbitrage and ancillary services, and increase renewable energy usage

Using our proprietary microgrid control software, we modeled and optimized the different value streams to maximize the ROI and minimize the environmental impact.

We worked with the different stakeholders (the client, the mechanical and electrical design team, and the local utility) to assess the feasibility of the solution and support its implementation


Altanova created a net-zero energy path for the three data centers: procuring electricity from an on-site solar plant and off-site wind and solar plants, supporting 20 MW of EV charging stations and installing 200 MWh of battery.

Key Results

One of the largest battery installations in Spain

300 MW of solar panels

200 MW of wind turbines

Avoided GHG emissions: 150,000 MtCO2e /year

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