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Strategy and Core Transformation

Strengthen the long-term growth of your business with an ambitious sustainability strategy.

Strategy and Core Transformation

Core Business Transformation

We help businesses adapt and thrive in the climate and energy transition. While most companies provide ESG consulting, they fall short when it comes to embedding sustainability into their core business strategy. This is where we come in. We provide companies a holistic and systemic approach to set transformative strategies. We work together to implement the roadmaps so your company can reap the value and minimize the risk.

Sustainability Strategy

How is sustainability driving growth for your business?

· Leverage your decarbonization strategy to create long-term benefits.

· Stay ahead of your stakeholders’ expectations and your competitors’ own transformation.

· Drive engagement and alignment with your stakeholders.

· Road-mapping a transition to the low carbon economy while capturing economic value (including the often-overlooked submerged value).

Circular Economy

A future-proof supply chain could become your most valuable asset.

· Identification and ranking of the material challenges faced by your organization.

· Life Cycle and Material Flow modeling of complex interactions between product and environment.

· Reporting and advisory on improving underlying processes from design to delivery to disposal.

People Experience, Organizational Resilience

Other businesses will struggle to adapt, but not you.

· Future-proofing of corporate strategies and advising on disruptions to assets and operations.

· ESG assessments and reporting aligned with SASB, TCFD, GRESB, CSRD and other frameworks.

· Portfolio ESG materiality and risk assessments.

· Sustainability strategy and risk management process development.

· Increase engagement across your team, strengthen talent attraction and retention.

Trusted by industry leaders

"Altanova has provided outstanding support to our Global Portfolio for over fifteen years. They have developed a Sustainability Master Plan for the Real Estate and Workplace Portfolio, conducted global energy assessments and managed on-site solar projects. The quality and expertise of their team has been invaluable to our company. We value the long standing relationship we have with Altanova and the expertise they have brought to our team. This is truly an outstanding relationship."

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