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Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Forward thinking strategies to maximize profitability and efficiencies.

Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Energy for the Future

Energy Management

How much are energy costs eating into your profit margins?

• We provide ongoing monitoring and analysis of energy systems to track changes, identify issues & opportunities and measure the impact.

• We support the management of energy system upgrades from design to procurement to installation, reducing implementation risks.

• We develop plans that optimize project financials through procurement, incentives, tax programs, and financing.

Distributed & Clean Energy

Save money. Improve resiliency. Decrease emissions. It’s a win-win-win.

• Our solutions often involve microgrid solutions that incorporate renewable on-site generation and storage, off-site PPAs, and EV charging.

• Our R&D team has developed an optimization algorithm to orchestrate microgrid operation in the function of profitability and emissions considerations.

Industrial Process Optimization

Extract value from the physics of your process to the output of your plant.

• We perform modeling and optimization of end-to-end energy and resource use.

• We evaluate and report your facility’s performance against industry benchmarks.

• We advise on resource stewardship and waste reduction.

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