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Real Estate Development

Prioritize people, protect the environment, improve your bottom line.

Real Estate Development

Maximize the value of your real estate with a holistic approach.

Our priority is to help you realize untapped value, even in a time when uncertainty and risk are high for the real estate industry.

We work with owners, tenants, developers, and investors to improve the desirability, efficiency, and resiliency of their buildings. Our combined expertise in the built environment, technology, and business provides our clients with well-informed yet innovative solutions.

While energy efficiency, decarbonization, and cost savings are important parts of sustainability, we believe that buildings and real estate are first, shelters for people. Therefore, we approach our work holistically, considering the impacts on people, planet, and profit together.

Corporate Portfolio Strategy

The competition for talent is hotter than ever. Can you retain key employees by optimizing your workplace?

· Find the balance between the acquisition of high-quality space and the disposition of underutilized assets.

· Define the value that comes from a smart workplace strategy and understand why making no decision is still a decision.

· Engage key stakeholders to understand the organizations’ current state, assess key metrics (e.g., engagement, retention, emissions, etc.), and identify priorities, gaps, and opportunities.

· Implement evidence-based strategies at the site- or portfolio-level to increase satisfaction &productivity, reduce attrition, and align organizational culture with business goals.

Existing Buildings

Reposition your commercial and residential assets in response to new market dynamics, preventing obsolescence as building stock ages.

· Understand current building performance and risk potential through auditing, retro-commissioning, and/or real-time monitoring.

· Conduct detailed engineering and cost-benefit analyses of building equipment, energy systems, and envelope to pinpoint and prioritize specific operational and capital solutions.

· Develop an actionable roadmap to increase asset value while considering capital limitations, and implement this optimized strategy.

· On an ongoing basis, verify savings, measure impact, and manage compliance submissions.

Design & Construction

Help your investment pencil out by embedding sustainability into the entire process, from conceptual design to monitoring & verification.

· Consider which combination of design strategies is optimal through energy modeling and building performance simulations.

· Assess design for feasibility and constructability to minimize potential change orders, and identify opportunities related to operational and budget risks.

· Secure green financing (e.g., state & federal incentives, rebates, tax credits) to combat the rising cost of capital and improve your capital stack.

· Pursue certifications to be recognized for setting the bar high, such as Passive House, LEED, WELL, and the Living Building Challenge.

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