We're changemakers driven by a better tomorrow

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We're looking for holistic thinkers who are passionate about sustainability

Our team is comprised of engineers, scientists, and business experts looking to make an impact. Collectively, we hail from over 10 countries and speak over 20 languages, but are united by our common goal of a zero-emissions future.

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Our guiding principles

We're rooted in our values. Learn more about what makes us who we are below.


We are changemakers.

We think holistically, we know ideas mean nothing without being put into practice.


Driven by a better tomorrow.

We know how serious climate change is and we wake up everyday to create impactful solutions for a better world.


Growth mindset - always.

There is always something new to learn about the world we live in. We prioritize growth in all aspects of life, and have fun while doing it.


People matter.

And connection makes the world go-round. When the right people connect with each other and a common purpose, anything is possible.


Diversity is a strength.

In thought and in people. We lead with a global perspective.


We care.

Passion is part of our DNA- we know the importance of our work, but also the importance of progress - no matter how small.

Open Positions

Open Positions

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Altanova is looking for candidates that are passionate about sustainability and looking to create a positive impact. For a complete list of open positions across our teams in both NYC and Paris, please click the link below to be taken to our listings.

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