New York Portfolio Strategy for Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

New York Portfolio Strategy for Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Guiding a Financial Services Company through the renovation of their Global HQ, development of their Technology Hub building, and walkthrough audits of other office spaces throughout NYC.


For the renovation of their Global HQ site, we created an energy model for the project and developed an energy conservation strategy to reduce the consumption of the site by 30%. Following construction, we performed commissioning for the major energy systems, in line with LEED requirements, to ensure optimal operating conditions and maximize captured savings. Similar analysis was performed for their new Technology Hub site, coupled with LEED and Fitwel certification to provide a holistic sustainable design encompassing energy, water, waste, and occupant wellness.

The Technology Hub site (225,000 SF), being a tenant-leased space with a lack of full energy system control, highlighted landlord-tenant relationship challenges faced by many large corporate office spaces in New York City. In this case, during the last phase of design, the landlord retracted an agreement to implement additional radiator heating controls. Altanova rapidly redeveloped our conservation strategy to optimize the cooling system to the new conditions and install additional installation around the radiators. This allowed the site to regain any lost savings due to the last-minute change and ensure our client met their corporate sustainability targets for the facility.


·       Conducted design review, energy modelling and delivered high-performance design recommendations for their Global HQ and Technology Hub sites (totaling 300,000 SF)

·       LEED & Fitwel certification support for their Global HQ and NYC Tech Hub sites

·       Identified 30% energy savings at the Global HQ and 25% energy savings at the NYC Tech Hub

·       Performed walkthrough audits and benchmarking for two other NYC office spaces, identifying 13% savings at each site

Key Results

·      30% energy savings at Global HQ

·      25% energy savings at the NYC Tech Hub

·      Identifying 13% savings at two other NYC office spaces

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