Proposed Climate Rule Signals New Era for Real Estate




Julien Lafond


November 18, 2022

Proposed Climate Rule Signals New Era for Real Estate
The SEC's (Securities and Exchange Commission) proposed rule for an enhanced and standardized climate-related disclosure creates both urgency and opportunities for real estate.
Whether it is owned, leased or invested in, a public entity's real-estate portfolio will likely prove a key component of its environmental footprint, materiality and mitigation strategies.
The SEC's proposal also provides a great opportunity for the real-estate industry to leverage their emissions and risk mitigation plans and drive better performance. Climate-ready real estate assets will likely prove cheaper to operate (e.g., lower energy, maintenance and insurance cost), and more attractive to investors and corporate tenants.

Dear real-estate industry, now is the time, more than ever, to actively engage into assessing your emissions and material climate impacts, developing a plan to mitigate them, and turning these actions into additional value for your business.

Proposed climate rule signals new era for real estate

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