Julien Soufflet

Julien Soufflet

Why I am working at Altanova:

When I realized the size of the gap between where we are currently aiming at and where we need to get in the coming decades to avoid the direst disruptions in our societies and in our way of life, I decided to become part of the solution and start working in the field of sustainability. I’m convinced businesses are going to play a huge role in moving the needle for us to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Corporations are fit for enabling and scaling up solutions; they can drive a massive change that will cascade up and down their value chain and on their surrounding communities. I also believe we need to provide actionable and impactful solutions, backed with measurable facts, both to make a real dent on climate change and to show corporations how it benefits their business. Altanova is uniquely fit to develop a holistic view of environmental & social challenges and opportunities, and then provide innovative science-based solutions to address them. We are a team of open-minded, passionate, and dedicated professionals I enjoy working with every day.

My role at Altanova:

As the Strategy and Business Transformation lead, I support our corporate clients design and implement ambitious sustainable strategies around decarbonization, energy and circular economy. I also help our clients identify material environment-related risks & opportunities. I work in close collaboration with the Real Estate and the Sustainable Infrastructure teams to deliver full-fledged solutions with the highest quality and to drive customer satisfaction. I constantly seek out for new ways to strengthen our impact and contribute to Altanova’s growth and attraction.

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