Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts

Why I am working at Altanova:

Ever since reading about climate change in a Time Kids article in 4th grade, I’ve been concerned about the planet. This shaped what I studied throughout school and led me to pursue an environmental engineering degree, as well as apply for a job at Altanova. I felt Altanova was a place where I could follow my passion of fighting climate change with like-minded people, all sharing similar goals. The drive for a more sustainable world powered by clean energy motivates us all.

My role at Altanova:

At Altanova, I am a project manager in the Sustainable Infrastructure Development group. We focus on two main ideas: developing microgrids to power buildings with clean and resilient energy and devising strategies to reduce energy usage in existing buildings. In my role, I manage these types of projects while also performing some of the technical work involved, such as energy audits and microgrid engineering analyses.

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